Next Generation Internet
3. maj 2018 - kl.08:30

Hack Kampmanns Plads
8000 Aarhus C
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As a part of Internet Week Denmark, it-forum invites you to a 1 day 4 track conference addressing IoT security, LoRaWAN, Machine Learning and Digitalisation Trends.

In 1991, we witnessed the browser emerging from the CERN community, making the internet accessible to the general public and marking a turning point in the evolution of the internet.

In a little more than 25 years, there has been an unprecedented expansion in terms of use and available services. In this period, the number of users has grown exponentially, from a few millions to several billions nowadays.

Exponential growth has made the internet a major economic driver. It is difficult to estimate the size of the internet market, but, more importantly, the internet enables digital transformation in most sectors of the economy, thus challenging the business models of many traditional sectors.

We have also seen many developments in terms of digital technologies: The Internet of Things; edge and fog computing; cloud storage and computing; augmented and virtual reality; blockchain; robotics; 3D printing; mobile applications and many more make up a breadth of digital technologies disrupting whole sectors and industries.

It is hard to keep up with the individual technologies and nearly impossible to see the implications when we are mixing and matching them to build new services supporting our world. It is impossible to predict the future with so many changing parameters – but what we are doing today will be what will happen tomorrow. So let’s learn to live with the Next Generation Internet by shaping it together.


Rob Van Kranenburg will open the conference with a keynote talk on Next Generation Internet. Rob is one of the ten most influential people in Europe, when it comes to IoT. He is the founder of IoT Council. He works as Ecosystem Manager for the EU projects Tagitsmart and Next Generation Internet.

After Rob Van Kranenburg's talk you will choose one of the four tracks. IoT security, LoRaWAN and Machine Learning are all hackaton tracks – meaning you get to work on a concrete case addressing the theme of the track. The Digitalisation Trend Track will be a series of presentations about trends in different areas indicating the direction of the ongoing and future research.
In these tracks you will meet highly professional speakers and assistants.

A detailed description of the tracks will be available soon.

Target audience: Software engineers, architects, developers, it-professionals.

Target audience of the “Trend Track”: Anybody interested in Next Generation Internet and the direction of the ongoing and future research in this field.

See the full program and read about the speakers at NB under construction :-)

The conference is held in English.

- A part of Internet Week Denmark - A five days festival with 100+ events in and around Aarhus on May 2 - 6, 2018

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Rob van Kranenburg
Founder of IoT Council

08.30-09.00 Check-in and breakfast
09.00-09.10 Welcome
Rob van Kranenburg
Presentation by Rob van Kranenburg
12.00-12.45 Lunch
10.15-16.00 Choose a track
16.00-17.00 Networking, snacks and drinks



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