About it-forum

It-forum is a membership based network for more than 470 companies from private and public organizations, colleges, and local, regional and state authorities in Region Midtjylland and Southern Denmark.

We represent in total close to 20.000 IT people in all positions from CEOs to programmers.

Our members share an interest in adopting smart ICT technologies for innovating purposes and in order to improve their businesses.

The it-forum headquarter is based in the heart of the Aarhus University campus, IT research, and innovation center. From the headquarter and its nine local offices around the region of Middle Jutland and Souther Denmark, it-forumis close to the cluster of members and all local authorities in the major cities in the region.

The main activities are bi-weekly seminars and conference venues for the members, intra member networking and information stream. Annually app. 2,500 people attend it-forum seminars.


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