Digital Spring in Smart Aarhus 2019


In Aarhus there is a strong dynamic community of cutting-edge tech entrepreneurs, R&D departments of leading international tech companies such as Google, Uber and eBay and more than 20.000 IT professionals.

In Aarhus you have access to world-class research from a university ranked in the top 100 in the world and more than 50,000 students enrolled on more than 150-degree educational programmes. There are leading specialists in and around IoT, Big Data, UX and Data Science and companies with strong competences within the heavy tech industries and in the creative sector.

This has among others resulted in a rich ecosystem of tech startups. Spiir, the Aarhus company behind the eponymous personal finance management app and Nordic API Gateway, secured funding from two of Scandinavia’s largest banks, DNB and Danske Bank, raising $9.7 million in 2018. Also, the Sharing Economy Startup Geast, having created a “Airbnb for meeting rooms” was acquired by Sharing Economy giant Airbnb that places its Future activities within meeting rooms in Aarhus.

Internationally recognised collaboration between business, government and educational institutions, which is based on a human-centric approach and access to a broad range of open data, creates innovative and sustainable solutions. The tech hub in Aarhus is experiencing unprecedented growth, according to international rankings, the business climate in Denmark is among the best in Europe.

In spring 2019 you are invited to be part of the digital ecosystem in Aarhus trough 3 unique digital events in April, May and June.

April: Digital Innovation festival 2019
May: IWDK 2019
June: IoT Week 2019

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